Ansel Adams: Polaroid Land Photography


Laminated hardcover book, used condition. Perfect for photographers wanting to learn more about analog history and technique.

Filled with information on almost every Polaroid film ever created in addition to general photography tips, in depth descriptions of various types of films, loading mechanisms and lighting situations best for each film type, with examples and diagrams. 

This book, originally published in 1963, now appears in a totally revised and updated edition, covering the entire range of Polaroid photography, for the SX-70 and other automatic cameras to the professional 4x5 and 8x10 formats. Mr. Adam emphasizes the role of careful craftsmanship, whether the purpose of image is creative or functional. In particular, he relates Polaroid materials to Image Management, the Zone System, and practical sensitometry, contrast control through pre-exposure and development modifation, filters, and other techniques. Properly used, Adams believes, Polaroid images may possess beautiful tonal qualities not possible with other processes.

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