The Love Project: An Artist Collaboration

Love Project – Leah “Happi” Hamilton


“The image I contributed is from my collection of street messages found in 2012 by whom I believe to be the messengers of the world. These strategically placed lyrical poetics across the concrete canvas’ can reach deep inside the viewer and soften what may have become hard, add peace and clarity to one’s chaos or provoke thought that may heal beyond measure. Just like love, these messages can entice, excite, and invite one’s heart to explore emotions that set them free. The sprawling inscription “Love Child” somewhat resembles the uninhibited freedom of the messenger who wrote it.”
- Leah "Happi" Hamilton

This Love-inspired print by Leah “Happi” Hamilton is available as an 8×8 fine art archival giclee photographic print, edition of 100.

In celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, Kwakushop is excited to release limited edition prints with creatives across the country. The Love Project is a collaborative venture with industry taste-makers who were asked to contribute photographs along the broad theme of Love. Whether it be a love of self, place, culture, or family, these images represent something close to the heart and soul.

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