Volkslivin’ Box Set


Box set of 15 signed 5×7 fine art giclée photographs printed on Hahnemuhle Rag paper from the famed Volkslivin’ series.

The Volkswagen bus—Hippie icon, progenitor of the art car genre, BMOC badge of honor, Mystery Machine, chick-magnet, chick-pellent—is arguably among the most enduring symbol of a generation that was, not so long ago, more concerned with living than with counting money and waging war. In pursuing the Venice series—and these inspirational, boxy chariots in particular—Alston came to feel that, “There is something tribal about these images. With these vans, it is so obvious that they are the canvas of each owner’s soul and spirit. Each one is cut from the same mold but ends up so different in character.”

Previous aspects of the Venice series have focused on studio portraits, candid street culture shots, landscapes, heterogeneous crowds, fashion, and vernacular architecture—seemingly disparate subgenres that when taken, as Alston does, as parts of a whole, combine to illuminate the intimate portrait of a community that has become one of the world’s most legendary beacons of progressive, creative, curious living. And, if this 100+ and growing portfolio of van snaps is any evidence, it is also the VW Microbus capitol of the world. Just keep Volkslivin.’

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